Digital transformation insights

When scratching an itch leads to transfiguration

It was their final hail mary. The recently shrunk team had some cash remaining in the bank and a product that hadn’t gained any traction after all the sleepless nights and thousands of <!–more–> lines of code.

The slack team salvaged beauty from ashes!

So did they push through in the hope that something could come of that product?

No, they killed it in an historic pivot.

As they sifted through the wreckage of Glitch(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glitch_(video_game), Steward Butterfield and his small crew of loyal software engineers, were looking for something from their previous project they could turn into a viable product.

Slack. There all along.

After an intensive period of introspection and inspection, they had an epiphany. Throughout the ‘Glitch days’ they had developed an internal communications tool to help the distributed team to keep up to date and maintain a searchable archive of all internal communications.

Within weeks of winding down Glitch, they had unearthed and polished Slack, and began to share it with the world.

Their breakthrough came from solving their own problem.

Where do you feel pain?

Look at how your business functions.

What are some common processes in your type of business. What do you know your peers and competitors also need to do to: Close sales, communicate clearly with your customers, deliver valueable solutions?

Break these things down into their constituent components and processes. Where do they often fall apart? What costs you the most in terms of internal resource?

Maybe. Just maybe, if you solve this problem you could unleash a new lease of life (and income streams) within your business. You could even unleash a new business.

When transformation becomes transfiguration

We commonly help our clients embed new technologies and processes in order to achieve   scale   healthy growth (scale without simultaneously sacrificing the value of your service and customer experience). This is commonly known as business transformation.

However in delivering transformation projects, often we identify an area of pain (normally causes of low-morale, nasty inefficiencies, cultural issues, operational errors) that is so profound and embedded in the the client’s makeup, that it is seen as “the way it is” and blends into the unseen without any kind of treatment for the cause. But as outsiders, we see it as clear as day and it bugs us because we care about the business and we are wired to see opportunities that will benefit you.

This is when a transformation moment could give birth to a transfiguration opportunity.

The size of a business’s pain in an area is directly correlated with the size of the “vein of gold that sits beneath the surface”, or in everyday language: Where businesses hurt bad, there is normally a commercially significant opportunity.

Feeling pain?

We’re hungry to keep on learning about the pain that directors and owners of specialist technical service businesses feel. So drop us a line and tell us what hurts. You never know, we might already have a solution for you.